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You may have noticed I now stalk all of you obsessively through your photos.

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(In as much as the gansey is moving slowly, it is on my mind, lurking around.) I put the fleece outside in the sunshine to dry. I opened the garden door, moved toward the chair and my heart fell as shock spread through me in a manner that was the exact opposite of a warm glow. Now, the world still isn't quite what we want of it and that means that ordinary people still outnumber us spinners and therefore show little or no interest in acquiring fleece, so it was unlikely that my culprit was human. Most humans also wouldn't steal fleece just to be mean, since they don't know how much we care about it.) As far as I know, my neighbourhood isn't filthy with broke spinners so desparate that they have been reduced to midnight fleece theft, and all of this meant, as I stood there in the glaring light of summer mid-day, ruling out suspects... Turns out he was just either working another 'hood, one of his furbearing offspring have inherited his heinous fiber fetish, or we have once again run into the generally loose set of ethics possessed by squirrels... Now, I try not to focus on revenge (the criminal does, after all..a brain smaller than a walnut and there's only so much you can expect of that.) so I thought over retrieval. It is a squirrel without a fleece or a nest, as far as I can see, but you can bet they darned well know each other, and he can give the fleece stealer a (insert expletive of your choice here)ing message from me. (I also reflected briefly on the wonders of the human ego that we think we can overcome truths if they are only small truths. Here are two full grown humans who think they can alter physical laws (10 is more than 9) because they are SMART. It's that great big lake that's the problem.) and for our American friends, that's about 109 F, and it's scorching. The last time I gave a temperature and converted to Fahrenheit "for Americans" I got quite a bit of mail asking me why I'd singled Americans out. The me of 2010, that is who.) He left the bad job and now we work in the same office and WOW. =) Ken has really inspired me and encouraged me to put fitness back into my life and I thought this would be a nice way to show him I appreciate it. Check him out: Here is the story: he was working at a job he did not like and gained a lot of weight (who can relate to this?but one way or another I was looking at an empty fleece chair. I did a lot of squirrel research during the first crime wave and while I was writing about it, and so I know a thing or two. Furious, I turn to go back in the house and lo'..do I see in the alley by my house? Lying in the dirt all tangled up with squirrel spit on it. ) Them: and then they tried to make 10 less than 9. It is more than 9 at the top of the door, and it is more than 9 at the bottom of the door. This time I'm getting ahead by letting you know that I said that for the simple reason that the Lots of other people around the world remember Fahrenheit, but mostly, and certainly on an official level the switch has been totally made.For example, I know that it is very likely that he took it up a tree. I assume he is (as all mammals are) interested in carrying things in his teeth the minimum distance possible, and examine the two nearest trees. At first I am sure it is a dead...something, and then it hits me. That little arsing thief - I can't believe he's back, I just can't believe it. As I suspected, ( I would direct you again to figure A.) this was not possible. 10 is more than 9 even if you swing the back around. If an cube is 10 by 10, then if you take the diagonal, it is even more. Knowing how hard it is for me to travel in the US properly dressed (seriously. ) makes me sympathetic enough to put both on the blog.) This of course, means it's sort of ironic that I'm knitting wool while I wait for the delivery guys to bring my new stove, being delivered today.Please try again later as the restrictions may be lifted, or contact your service provider if the issue persists.Crazy Aunt Purl’s second memoir makes me wish more than ever that she and I were neighbors.But, instead of telling us about his love life, the Chef told us about the Queen and her kitchen.For example: The Queen has a lot of chefs, but they’re not all tripping over each other because some of them are frequently traveling with the Queen or other royalty. Thank you to all my new Instagram friends for enduring eleventy thousand pictures of sightseeing.But she was off the charts for March -- apparently I will be homeless, jobless, friendless and bereft by month's end.

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